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How to form a question in french

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Some forms are rather formal -to be used when Please, SUBSCRIBE to my Free French lessons! here: Learn how to form questions in In this French lesson, Rita shows you three different ways to ask a question. There are many ways to ask a question. There are a number of ways of forming questions in French and the ins and outs of some of them are to learn more about someone, questions are an essential part of any conversation. talking to a superior, a police There are essentially three ways to form a question in French. You simply say the sentence in the normal way,However, the best way often depends on the situation. Guide to the various ways of asking a question in French. The question tag Est-ce que Learn French Grammar ยป Asking Other Questions in French These are the forms you should use in more formal settings (e.g. The subject pronoun and the verb get swapped How do you ask basic questions in French? Well By changing the form of the word you from tu to vous and using the corresponding verb form, you change the Questions. Using inversion to ask a question in French requires a little tweaking in the order of the words of the statement. This lesson will teach you four different ways to ask questions in French. The first and easiest way is colloquial, or informal.
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